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At Global Electronics NY we're a value-added company dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions and services to a diverse range of industries.

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We offer custom configuration options for electronic devices to cater to your unique requirements. offering products that suite your specific needs, and tailor the device to meet your exact specifications, from hardware upgrades to software customization, we'll help you create a device that meets your precise needs, maximizing its potential and efficiency.

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Storage and Logistics

 We provide secure and efficient storage solutions to help you manage your inventory and assets. Our logistics services ensure timely and reliable transportation and delivery of goods, streamlined to meet customers' specific needs. By outsourcing storage and logistics to us, you can optimize your supply chain and focus on your core business operations.

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We offer flexible device buyback options, allowing our customers to easily upgrade or return their devices while receiving fair market value. Our buyback program provides a convenient and environmentally responsible way to recycle or repurpose used devices, making it a win-win for our customers and the planet.

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Software Customization

We can add or remove software apps on mobile devices to meet your specific needs. Our expert technicians can customize the software to include the latest tools, security updates, and industry-specific apps.

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Device Tagging

We use advanced asset tagging technology to track and manage devices, allowing you to easily locate and monitor your assets in real-time. Our customizable tagging system enables customers to categorize and track their devices by location, department, or user.

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Device Life Management Cycle

We offer comprehensive device life cycle management, providing a range of services that span from device procurement and deployment to management, support, and eventual retirement or recycling. Our expertise helps customers maximize device value, minimize costs, and ensure seamless transitions throughout the entire device life cycle.

With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we proudly serve the following industries

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Logistics & Infrastructure



About Global Electronics NY

Our expertise and adaptability enable us to tailor our offerings to meet the unique needs of each sector, driving success and growth for our clients and vendors alike. We're passionate about making a positive impact and creating long-lasting partnerships. Through our collaborative approach and innovative spirit, we help our clients with all of their technical needs and ensure they're well-positioned for the future of their industries.

Our professional sales staff is comprised of industry experts who possess a deep understanding of the markets we serve and the devices we offer.   Our sales professionals take a consultative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges. Leveraging our vast market knowledge, and our strong vendor relationships, we provide tailored solutions and expert guidance, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and drive success.

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